Ryan Forbes and Officer Wendell Metzler were born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Their paths had never crossed until May 2001 when Officer Wendell Metzler engaged Ryan Forbes in a foot pursuit at an underage drinking party, which resulted in Ryan assaulting Wendell.  Throughout the next few years their paths would cross many times as Ryan’s Life spiraled out of control with drugs, alcohol, and a host of criminal activity. Wendell was the arresting officer many times when Ryan engaged in criminal activities such as vehicle pursuits, DUI’s, Drug Arrests, and more. Both Ryan and Wendell developed a strong hatred for one another over time because of their encounters with each other. 

Ryan spent a total of 3 years in local and state prisons as a convicted felon and came to finds God’s Loving Grace in prison. Ryan had a total life transformation free from drugs and alcohol since 2007 and made amends with Wendell at the New Holland Fair. GOD gave both the gift of Forgiveness and a friendship blossomed from that moment on. Wendell went on to serve as ‘Best Man’ in Ryan’s wedding and maintains a close friendship with Ryan and his family to this day. In 2017 Ryan and Wendell co-authored a book titled ‘UNCHAINED’ detailing their complete story.
— The Unchained Ministries