Recovery and Discipleship Program

Students typically stay in The Potter’s House programs for six to twelve months. The goals and objectives listed below correspond with the student’s phase.


Our Goals For You

By the end of the program, a student will become:

  1. A Man of Faith

  2. An Overcomer

  3. A Reliable Friend

  4. A Competent Person

  5. A Confident Leader


Curriculum Objectives

Designed for a safe home-environment based on Christian principles, the program objectives are to:

  • Support the fact that resolving issues and finding meaning in life through a personal walk with Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit according to the Word of God.

  • Encourage the development of foundations that sustain a life-long lifestyle free from harmful addictions and hurtful patterns of thinking.

  • Develop personal character and disciplines that will promote responsible contributions in the workplace, family, church and in community.

  • Experience reconciliation for healing in areas of personal life, family, and other relationships.

  • Understand one’s own personal call and gifts and develop them in fulfilling life’s purpose.

  • Prepare individuals for the responsibilities of caring for one’s home and family.

  • Develop patterns of living that support physical health and financial responsibility.



Our students are considered successful and are eligible for graduation once they have fulfilled specific requirements. These requirements include six months of sobriety, four months of steady employment, active involvement with a local church, a minimum savings of $1,000, a financial management plan, evidences of leadership, regular meetings with a support network, and a strong Next Steps Plan.