Several years ago, drug use led Justin to prison, rehab, and parole. But when he met Jesus in prison, he decided to live life differently. A change of scene and new friends set him down a good path until he was jerked back into the system when crossing a national border for a family trip. He was then extradited to PA for an unknown parole violation and spent more time in Lancaster County Prison. However, like Joseph, his demeanor and attitude caught the attention of the staff, and they worked diligently to move him to The Potter’s House. Justin became an inspiration to other students as he accepted his situation and dug deep into the Word, inviting others to come with him. He was in the program for six weeks before being allowed to return to New York. Upon leaving, he wrote a letter for the students and those yet to come:

Never arrive. Always keep growing, moving and learning. If you have never felt God’s presence stick around, he is with you and in you. I may not know you but I love you no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done.
— Excerpt of Justin's Letter