Program Phases

Recovery. Discipleship. Graduation.

The Potter’s House offers a three phase program to connect with the needs of the individual. Through the application and interview process, each student is placed in an appropriate phase to minister to the individual’s needs.

Phase 1

Phase One is a time of transition and orienting students to a life of rigorous Discipleship and Recovery. In “Phase One” there is a daily schedule completion form to be handed in at the end of each day. The student will have checked off all completed assignments, readings and groups, answered questions in a thoughtful and comprehensive way and given explanations for any missed items. Additional features of Phase One include random drug and alcohol screenings, prohibited use of cell phones, and other regulations to provide a clear focus on the individuals recovery.

Phase 2

Phase Two is a time of transition back into community life. It will continue to emphasize a life of rigorous Discipleship and Recovery while experiencing increasing levels of freedom, responsibility and accountability. It is projected that the successful student will spend six to nine months in the program. Students will be permitted to establish their own schedule including work, meetings, church, legal appointments and other activities that are acceptable within program rules and approved by staff.

phase 3

Phase Three provides a safe and affordable long-term housing opportunity in a Christ –centered environment with a room for a reasonable and monthly rent fee, a supervised setting with weekly Bible studies, and a positive, safe environment for ongoing self-directed discipleship and growth.