Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

The Potter’s House is a Christ-centered addiction recovery and discipleship center. We focus on the root of the problem: the heart. By providing a safe place for recovery, broken hearts and relationships are restored. When our students begin experiencing healing, they are encouraged to begin building positive new habits to function in communities.

Drug and alcohol abuse are the most common addictions we encounter. Our goal is for our students to successfully graduate with genuinely changed lives because of Christ.

Who is eligible for program?

The Potter’s House is designed for men eighteen or older who are willing to make a commitment to follow the staff’s direction as they seek to achieve desired changes in their lives. Most of the men who come through the program are coming from prison or rehab although it is possible to come from other sources.

DO I have to be from Lancaster County?

No, we will accept students from outside the county. However, the State Parole Agent is reluctant to approve men that did not come through Lancaster County Prison.

How long is the program?

The program is goal driven and therefore is not defined by any specific time frame. However, it generally takes between 6 and 12 months.

Do you only take people from Prison?

No, The Potter’s House was initially a prison aftercare ministry. But because of the opioid epidemic, admissions have been opened up to those coming from rehabs, home, and other places that want life change.

Do you accept insurance?

None of our services are covered by health insurance.

What is the cost?

The cost to students at The Potter’s House is $460 per month. This is only a portion of the $1,500 per student per month required to maintain the program. Scholarships for the first month may be available for those who have no resources.

Are you an accredited Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

The Potter’s House is a residential discipleship and recovery ministry and is not licensed or accredited as a drug and alcohol treatment program. The staff have training and life experience that is very beneficial to the students. Outside resources are used when accredited counseling is required by courts, parole or other responsible parties.

Where are the residences located?

The Potter’s House has two locations at present. The Leola House is at 17 Hoover Lane and serves as the point of entry. The New Holland house is at 13 Brimmer Avenue and is totally Phase Two. Plans are in progress for the creation of a new Phase One facility at Still Waters in Brownstown. Once opened, the Leola house will become all Phase Two as well.

Can I work while in the program?

Students do not work outside the program during Phase One. They are expected to work within the program for 10 hours per week. Students may obtain an outside job once on Phase Two. Staff will support and help students to find a suitable job. Work hours should be limited to 40 hours during the first several months. A four month steady employment is a minimum requirement for graduation.

Can I see my family while in the program?

Family interaction and reconciliation is encouraged. Visits are restricted to specific times and on site during Phase One. Home visits are allowed with approval on Phase Two.

How are home passes handled?

Home passes are reserved for Phase Two students. The program standard is no more than twice per month. Home visits are subject to approval and may be denied if it is felt that the home environment is not safe for the student for any reason.

What if I have court mandated counselling?

Students are encouraged to meet all court and parole requirements. If counseling conflicts with a program meeting, the student will be allowed to fulfill the legal requirements. Students are responsible to pay for these sessions. Staff will help them to obtain medical assistance.

How will I get to see my PO?

During Phase One the staff will take the student to his parole appointment. Students are responsible to track and keep their own parole appointments once on Phase Two. The New Holland (#12) bus route gives relatively easy access to the parole office from the houses.

Will I have religion ‘stuffed down my throat’?

No, The Potter’s House is unashamedly a Christian discipleship program. This is made clear to all who come prior to entering the program. The Gospel message is a key component of our program and will be integrated in all we do. However, every student makes up his own mind as to what he will do with it. There is no coercion.

Can I participate in AA while in the program?

Yes, we encourage involvement in recovery groups. The Phase One students attend an AA meeting every weekday morning. All students attend a weekly Celebrate Recovery meeting as part of the evening program.

Do you have a program for women?

Not at this time. However, a women’s ministry is included in the current capital campaign. Stay tuned for further developments.