Streams of Living Water

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Lake Itasca in Minnesota. It is best known as the headwaters of the Mississippi. There is a place where the stream bubbles out of the ground and one can simply walk through it as you would a puddle after a rainstorm. This little stream eventually becomes the mighty Mississippi River that pours into the Gulf of Mexico.

I recently read a devotional that reflected the source of that river. The source has no idea what impact the mouth will have on the rest of the environment. When contrasted with Jesus saying those who believe in Him will be streams of living water (John 7:38), it’s an interesting thought. Like the stream that becomes a mighty river, our faith has an impact far beyond what we realize. The little things we do can manifest huge blessings, sometimes to the fourth generation.

The time and effort put into ministering to The Potter’s House students reminds me a bit of Itasca. They are very young in faith and often have a hard time believing their life can have a significant impact on others. But as they grow in the Spirit and begin to put the principles they learn into practice, their lives are changed, their families are changed, and the circles they interact in are changed. As the cycle of addiction is broken, their lives become those streams of living water, and life can be different for their children and their children’s children.

By: Lanny Millette

Lanny Millette serves as The Potter’s House Ministry Director. He loves Jesus, his wife, Debbie, and acting.