Live In Today

Many of us can relate to the proverb, “Don’t borrow troubles from tomorrow.” This is especially true with the men that come to Potter’s house. It is easy to spend a lot of time worrying about the little details of life and trying to resolve them in their minds before they actually have to go through the experience. But what we often don’t realize is this is actually a profound waste of emotional energy.

In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus compares our lives to the lilies of the field and the sparrows. He says the lilies and sparrows don’t worry and are still taken care of by the Lord. How much more will He care for us? Many of our students worry that He might not take care of them because of something they did in the past. But these promises are for all of us! This frees us to let go of worry. Tomorrow, verse 34 tells us, will have worries enough of its own.

Paul gives us the formula for dealing with worry in Philippians 4. Don’t be anxious, he says, rather pray and petition - with thanksgiving. Gratitude is a very important part of the formula. Once done we can rest as the God of peace that passes all understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. He has it under control, and we need to only deal with, and preferably, enjoy every moment as it comes.

By: Lanny Millette

Lanny Millette serves as The Potter’s House Ministry Director. He loves Jesus, his wife Debbie, and acting.