Growing in God's Grace

How do you start over when you lived a lifestyle that destroyed every part of your life? You may have jeopardized your health, squandered resources, broken relationships or put yourself in a position that makes it near impossible to climb out. Others wonder why you don’t despair or give up. The fact is many have given up. But the students who come to the Potter’s House have caught a glimpse of what faith in Jesus is, and they are eager to learn more about His plan and purpose for their lives.

Romans 8 offers us hope for a different future. In verse 28, Paul says, “All things work together for good.” We want to stop there and expect faith in the Lord to be a golden ticket for a changed life and prosperity. But if we continue, we see there is a qualifier: “For those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” The good comes as we love the Lord. Loving Him implies obedience to His will and commands. In His will, we can work according to His purposes and obtain blessings. This is simultaneously scary and freeing to many of our students when they truly understand what it means.

In verses 31-32, Paul continues saying, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” He gave us His son, and He will give all good gifts graciously. It may not be what we wanted, but He knows what we need and gives generously, beyond what we can ask or imagine. Our students are blessed learning they are sons of God and heirs of His kingdom. In Christ they are “more than conquerors” and have the assurance nothing will separate them from His love and care (Romans 8:37-39). This is the fuel that allows them to face the obstacles and take on the challenge of their lives. And that’s why it is called “Amazing Grace.”

By: Lanny Millette

Lanny Millette serves as The Potter’s House Ministry Director. He loves Jesus, his wife Debbie and acting.