Application Process

The purpose of our application is to determine the fit between the applicant and The Potter’s House program. It will also provide our staff with information to better support the student while he is at The Potter’s House. In most cases, there is a Phase One trial period to determine the student’s readiness and suitability. All information will be confidential and for use only by those who oversee the program. Please read through the application requirements before applying.

Application Requirements

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

  • All applicants must agree to abide by the Program Guidelines for each Phase and complete the program. Students must agree to abide by discernment of our staff and support group for length of stay.

  • All applicants must have a growing interest in and or relationship with Jesus Christ. Students must be willing to surrender “old life” and be committed to learning and following the ways of Christ.

  • All applicants must commit to abstaining from all forms of narcotic drugs and alcohol.

  • All applicants must agree to personal counseling or inner healing sessions as recommended by our staff.

  • All applicants must agree to the Potter’s House Financial Plan to manage personal finances until requirements are met.

  • Upon moving to Phase Two, all applicants must be committed to regular and continuous employment or comparable volunteer service if on disability.

  • All applicants must be approved by the Admissions Committee comprised of the Ministry Director and two designated staff.

  • All applicants must commit to and sign the Potter’s House Partnership agreement which includes accepting the Phase Guidelines and Financial Management Plan.

Application Procedures

The first step to applying is becoming familiar with The Potter’s House vision for you and the Phase Guidelines. Once you have read through the guidelines:

  1. Complete, sign, and return the application form below by mailing it to 13 Brimmer Ave, New Holland, PA 17557 or emailing it to,

  2. Schedule a personal interview with the director or prison coordinator,

  3. And prepare a $200.00 deposit as it is required before admission.


To apply for a scholarship, review the scholarship form below and apply.